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Pacothane 1500
thickness 38 µm, operating temperature up to 204 °C for up to 2 hours High Performance Release Film provides quick and easy release between multilayers and protects copper from pits and dents caused by defective plates and air-born contaminants; low shrinkage
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Pacolon 2000
thickness 50 µm, operating temperatures in excess of 260 °C
High Temperature Release Film   
provides excellent, contamination-free release during the
process of laminating rigid Polyimide PCBs, all flexible circuit boards, Teflon and other demanding applications
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thickness 38 µm, operating temperature of 340 °C up to 2 hours Ultra-High Temperature Easy Release Film
offers the consistent attainment of proper release, surface protection and conformability under the harsh conditions and challenges of elevated temperature laminations. Extremely low X&Y Axis shrinkage.
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thickness 75 µm, operating temperature of 218 °C up to 4 hours Blind Via Hole Lamination System
prevents blind via resin overflow and provides discreet control of liquid resin so that internal buried via hole barrels will be completely filled
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Paco Clutch
thickness 280 µm, operating temperature of 218 °C up to 2 hours
Used with Cap layer structures
Decouples etched cores from the separator plate
Improves dimensional stability
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