Intexar™ Strechable Electronics

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DuPont stretchable electronic inks and films provide an elegant, manufacturing-ready alternative to previous methods of embedding electronics in clothing. The end result is a thin, form-fitting circuit that can be seamlessly fused with standard fabrics, allowing for unprecedented comfort and freedom in wearable electronics design.

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DuPont stretchable inks for wearable electronics are designed to deliver stable performance despite repeated elongation. Smart clothing enabled by DuPont inks is washable and durable – it can withstand up to 100 wash cycles. These materials can be used in common manufacturing processes to manufacture smart clothing without significant investment.

Composition Product Code Features Resistivity PDF

• Silver

Intexar™ PE874

Conductor – best stretchability

< 50mΩ/sq/mil

• Silver

Intexar™ PE876

Washable electrode – best washability

< 50mΩ/sq/mil


• Encapsulant

Intexar™ PE773



• Carbon

Intexar™ PE671

Stretchable, washable overprint

< 500mΩ/sq/mil


• Substrate

Intexar™ TE-11C

TPU based film with adhesive

• Substrate

Intexar™ TE-21C

Adhesive film for part packaging

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