CCI Eurolam markets also devices for electolytic recovery of precious metals in order to go with you up to the end of your plating process with precious metals like for example Gold, Silver or Palladium.

Indeed, the ELECTRUM from MPC allows to recover precious metals in your metallization baths as well as in your static rinses by electrolysis.It finds its principal applications in the recovery of precious metals, however it can also be used for the recovery of toxic metals in waste waters.

The Electrum recovery 'Captive' cartridge (patented) is a porous and combustible container in which the metal extraced from the solution is deposiited. The porosity of the walls has been calculated in order to let circulate the liquid but to keep metallic particles inside.

When this operation of recovery is finished, the cartridge is rinsed, dried, weighted and sent for treatement where it is burnt. The  metal is then melted and refined without any difficulty.

Advantages of such a process are:

  • High capacity for recovery of metals (high pump capacity allowing a large number  of turm over in a short scale of time)
  • Deposit trapped inside the cartridge (no more loss of metals going back into the solutions)
  • Easy to melt and refine (recovered metals quickly back in process)
  • Efficent on all metals (operating methods available for different materials such as Gold, Palladium, Silver and others in concentrated or rinse bath)
  • Destruction of cyanide (the addition of 10 to 20g/L of the ECN additives creates a continuous destruction of cyanides while the electrolytic recuperation process)
  • Recuperation of the Palladium ionic solutions (Pd special cartridges)
  • Recuperation of the Palladium in colloids (addition of the EPd additive and special cartridge)
  • Recuperation in Gold strip (addition of 10-20g/L of the EAu additive)
  • Equipment patented
  • Amount of metal recovered known by weight
  • Quick return on investment
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