Our mission is to provide the EMEA Electronics manufacturing Industry with the products and the services that they require to stay on the leading edge of innovation, with a strong technical and logistic support and at the best cost and quality.

Our group has built a strong and specialized sales, service and logistics network throughout EMEA and our purpose is to be a facilitator, a strong link within the supply chain that helps drive the technology from the materials manufacturer to the final user and designers.

Electronics has developed in all sectors and as a matter of facts top technology trends all depend on Electronics: Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, augmented reality, wearables, renewables. Our vision is to strengthen the electronics supply chain and enable the electronics manufacturers to have the materials they need to build the electronics of today and tomorrow.

The core values of our group that guide how we behave and conduct our work are:

  • Customer focus, which is deeply embedded into our mindset, driving us to follow and meet the needs of our customers, deliver on time, on cost and on quality.
  • Be Collaborative and creative. We value team work and the contribution of each individual. We share ideas and work enthusiastically with our partners and customers and are always opened to be creative, change, adapt and continuously improve.
  • Act with Integrity. We are open and straight forward and hold to our principles for ethical conduct. We look for long term relationships based on trust and reliability.
  • Strive for Excellence. We take pride and are passionate about what we do; we deliver on our commitments and always try to our best to provide Quality, Delivery reliability and Flexibility