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Piezo inks

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Piezo electrics and piezo-resistive inks that can be processed via routine printed electronics techniques in order to integrate sensor, actuators and haptic features into electronics applications.

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Piezo-resistive inks

Force-sensing resistors consist of a conductive polymer, which changes resistance in a predictable manner following application of force to its surface. Applying a force to the surface of the sensing film causes particles to touch the conducting electrodes, changing the resistance of the film. As with all resistive based sensors, force-sensing resistors require a relatively simple interface and can operate satisfactorily in moderately hostile environments. Compared to other force sensors, the advantages of FSRs are their size (thickness typically less than 0.5 mm), low cost and good shock resistance.

You can create such functionnalities with our blendable inks:

substrate carbon dielectric blending ratio additionnal





dielectric 8153 for spacer




60 :40


5025 silver for interdigit contacts

Piezo-electric inks

PIEZOTECH® FC COPOLYMERS inks are an excellent choice for sensors, energy harvesting, actuators, speakers and memories.

They are very stable (resistance to moisture, and to temperatures up to 120 °C) and exhibit high sensitivity over a wide range of pressure (mPa to GPa) and frequency (mHz to GHz).

They exhibit excellent mechanical properties (high elastic modulus and flexibility) and transparency.

Sensors fabricated from PIEZOTECH® FC copolymers enable the development of unique applications with detection through touch, deformation, ultrasounds, heat, impact, acoustic waves. Thanks to the piezoelectric effect, sensors do not require an external power source.

Due to the piezoelectric effect, strain is rapidly induced on these materials when exposed to an electric field. Actuator performance is enabled by their high energy density response, even at low electric fields (< 50 V.μm-1).

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