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CCI Eurolam at Electronica 2022

The electronics supply chain is a complex eco system made of OEMs, designers, and subcontractors specialized in various technologies making the integration of the electronics into the final products not only possible but more efficient, reliable, miniaturized and flexible in term of design. CCI Eurolam Group has grown over the years throughout the EMEA electronics manufacturing supply chain, becoming a key actor and connector among the industry for the selection and supply of special, high technology materials, processes and equipment. Our technical sales and marketing teams are connected to the OEM, to collect their needs and requirements and help drive technology and new materials across the supply chain. As a matter of fact, we are observing the same trends cascading from the OEM across the supply chain for thermal management, miniaturization, low loss and high reliability electronics and we strive to coordinate efforts among the industry to meet these ever growing challenges.

In this context, Electronica show in Munich represents, every other year, a crossway for many international actors and suppliers of the electronics supply chain including OEMs, PCB shops, EMS and printed electronics manufacturers. CCI Eurolam has been attending now the show for many years, and we have experienced Electronica to be an excellent place to connect people, foster exchanges about technology trends and accelerate developments and projects. So once again this year, our teams and experts will be fully available during Electronica and are looking forward to meet and exchange.