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Coating measurement

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CMI563: Measuring copper thickness

  • The CMI563® micro resistance method provides advanced technology for accurate measurement on copper plating and it ensures that the opposite side of the PCB will not interfere with readings, regardless of laminate thickness.
  • CMI563® makes it simple to obtain precise surface copper measurement on laminate, electroless, or electrolytic copper. Enable to measure copper thickness on plain surface and even on PCB tracks
CMI511: Measuring plated thru-hole copper prior to and after etching

  • Portable gauge capable of measuring plated thru-hole Copper prior to and after etch.
  • Automatic temperature compensation allows for accurate measurement of plated thru-hole Copper immediately after pulling from the tank
  • Works equally well on double-sided and multi-layer boards, even through tin and tin/lead resist
  • High and low limits can be set and up to 2000 readings can be stored in memory

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