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CMI95: Identifying copper thickness

  • Identify or measure Copper foil thickness fast and accurately before starting manufacturing process
  • Micro resistance method: Unlike other test methods, it is not affected by Copper coating on the opposing side of the printed circuit board.
  • Only available handheld gauge that measures the entire range of Copper foil thicknesses from 5 to 140 µm
  • Exclusive soft touch probe to prevent the Copper surface from being marred or scratched
  • Proven durability and simple to use
  • Factory calibrated and requires no standards
CMI165: Measuring copper thickness

  • Micro resistance method: allows accurate measurement without being affected by Copper coating on the opposing side of the PCB.
  • Enable to measure Copper thickness on plain surface and even on PCB tracks
CMI511: Measuring plated thru-hole copper prior to and after etching

  • Portable gauge capable of measuring plated thru-hole Copper prior to and after etch.
  • Automatic temperature compensation allows for accurate measurement of plated thru-hole Copper immediately after pulling from the tank
  • Works equally well on double-sided and multi-layer boards, even through tin and tin/lead resist
  • High and low limits can be set and up to 2000 readings can be stored in memory
CMI760: Controlling the final product

  • Measures plated thru-hole Copper prior to and after etch.
  • Measures Copper thickness on the surface (tracks) – with SRP probe
  • Measures thickness of Nickel (even through Gold coating) – with NIP probe
  • Measures thickness of soldermask – with ECP probe

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