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CAC (Cu/Alu/Cu) & CSC

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CAC, Inc. is a manufacturer of CAC® (Copper Aluminum Copper) and CSC. Its licensed and patented product featuring copper foil attached in their 'state-of-the-art' clean room to one or both sides of an aluminum separator sheet based on the PCB application. CAC provides superior surface quality important to producers of increasingly high technology PCBs as well as offering labor and material cost savings.

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CAC/CSC Copper - Press plate constructions

CAC® (Copper Aluminum Copper) and CSC® (Copper Steel Copper) are thin Aluminum or Steel press plates with one important difference. They are embedded between two Copper foils with the sensitive sides (shiny) protected from airborne contaminants or prepreg dust.

  • Facilitates the use of ultrathin
    (> 6 μm) or reverse-treated Copper foils
  • Prevention of wrinkles or damage to the
    copper foil during installation
  • Improved thermal conductivity leads to
    faster heating rate
  • Capacity improvement through thinner
    press sheets
  • Lower labor costs through faster
    bildup process

Copper Foil

CAC or CSC is available with the following Copper foil:

6 µm – 0.175 oz
9 µm – 0.25 oz
12 µm – 0.375 oz
18 µm – 0.5 oz
35 µm – 1.0 oz
70 µm – 2.0 oz


CAC chooses the best alloys for use as a press plate. The alloys are heat treated to meet the requirements of today’s lamination. The following strengths are available:

0.18 mm 0.007″
0.25 mm 0.010″
0.38 mm 0.015″

0.22 mm   0.009″

CAC / CSC Lamination Foil

CAC / CSC is available as a double-sided version as well as CAC or CSC and as single sided version as CA or CS.
CAC / CSC is available in different formats with or without registration holes and according to customer requirements

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