Bear, DE (May 8, 2008) – Arlon Inc. announced the availability of CLTE-AT, the latest addition to the CLTE product line. CLTE-AT represents Arlon's commercial offering using common technologies developed for the high performance CLTE-XT, but modified to make the product more affordable for commercial applications. To maintain its lower cost base, CLTE-AT has fewer options for copper style and panel sizes.


CLTE-AT is a micro dispersed ceramic PTFE composite utilizing a very fine woven fiberglass reinforcement to provide the highest degree of dimensional stability and registration consistency, especially when utilizing thin laminates such as 0.005” and 0.010”. CLTE-AT has “Best-in-Class” Insertion Loss (S21) and Loss Tangent (0.0013) in the commercial marketplace. To further improve performance in high-frequency applications, CLTE-AT uses smoother copper styles with average surface roughness (Rz) of <4.0µm, compared to many competitive offerings using rougher 9-10 µm copper. This reduces insertion loss and transmission line resistance while still maintaining peel strength required for thin traces on thin laminates. For newer commercial millimeter wave applications, this represents a significant performance enhancement over existing technologies as skin effect losses become significant at higher frequencies.

CLTE-AT has Low CTExyz (thermal expansion) and extremely low TCEr (dielectric constant change with temperature). The low negative valued TCEr and low positive CTExy nearly offset each other to provide a very stable phase length and impedance values, even across wide temperatures. The higher thermal conductivity of CLTE-AT also improves heat transfer relative to alternative materials and enables better power handling.

Applications include temperature and loss sensitive filter applications, collision avoidance radar, adaptive cruise control, temperature stable antennas and other microwave and RF applications.
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