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CCI Eurolam at LOPEC 2024

LOPEC 2024, March 6 – 7, Munich – the leading international trade fair for printed electronics, will bring together all the key industry representatives again this year.

As a dedicated partner to the Electronics Manufacturing Industry in the EMEA region, we proudly operate a network of service centers strategically positioned across Europe. Our role as a premier distribution partner and technical support provider extends to collaborating with leading brands such as CELANESE Micromax™, DUPONT Liveo™, ARKEMA Piezotech®, Chasm, SOLAMET, COVEME and AGFA, renowned for delivering cutting-edge, high-performance materials to meet the demands of the ever-evolving electronics landscape.

Our Business unit specialized in advanced materials for printed electronics, brings forth an extensive range, including conductive and functional pastes, treated substrates, and biocompatible conductive adhesives. Our materials empower the creation of innovative solutions, enabling the realization of self-regulating heating surfaces, medical biosensors, antennas, and capacitive/electroactive touch applications.

We invite you to meet us in Hall B0, Stand 312 to give you a comprehensive overview of our possibilities, products and visions.

• New solvent-resistant polymeric inks for heater or bio applications
• New PTC pastes for self regulating applications

• Electro active powder and inks for piezoelectric, sensor and haptic applications

PEDOT:PSS Coating & Inks for antistatic, backlighted capacitive, biomedical applications.


Photovoltaic silver and copper metallization pastes
• New silver paste product for TOPCon solar cells


 Transparent conductive films and inks for heater, antenna and capacitive touch

We look forward to seeing you! 

Your CCI Eurolam Team