It is with pleasure we can announce that AGFA was able to improve our existing Vivaldi phototoooling films.

These new generation of films will be brought to the under the name Idealine.

Thanks to the development of an even more powerful combination of latent image enhancement components the image quality of Idealine films is superior to anything on the market.

AGFA also used this opportunity to add some improvements in order to better match these films with the latest generation plotters, AOI’s and printers. AGFA also was able to make the films more environmental friendly.

The Idealine assortment consists of 4 films:

- Idealine RPF: red sensitive phototooling film

- Idealine ORF: orthochromatic sensitive phototooling film

- Idealine CPF: UV sensitive contact phototooling film

- Idealine DPF: UV sensitive duplicating contact phototooling film

Idealine films are fully compatible with our Vivaldi chemistry.
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