Quick deliveries

· ERP access for sales team to all inventories at all locations

· Large inventory for all types of products

· Available from different locations


Cut to size operations

CNC saws, automatic and manual shears:

· for rigid and thin copper clad laminates

· for drilling products (entry and backup)

· for pressing products (press pads, release, conformal)


Bevelling of laminates

Automatic bevelling machines for removing any burrs in order:

· to protect the manufacturing equipment

· to provide safe handling

· to avoid dust in the process


Round corners

· for better process in conveyorized systems

· for protecting the equipment (such as lamination rollers)

· for safety handling of the product

· available in various radius


Prepreg cut to size

Several equipment:

· for cutting from rolls to panels

· for cutting various types of prepreg

· for vacuum packaging for a better protection against moisture


Punching and tooling

· All products as prepreg, entry and back up drilling products, release films, press pads,

· flexible laminates can be supplied punched or tooled.

· Different sizes and shapes (round, slot, square…)


Copperfoil and flex laminates cutting

· Cut to size under clean room conditions

· Cut to size specific equipment for these products

· Punching


Technical support

· Technical support/audits of drilling - routing shops

· Technical support/audits of pressing departments

· Technical support/audits of imaging departments

· (photoresist, silver films and imaging utilities)

· Technical seminars and support

· Website and newsletters for technical information

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