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Quality has always been at the heart of CCI Eurolam culture and strategy owing to the importance given by the Top Management since the very early days. As a matter of facts, since 1992 we have been ISO certified. The Strategy and Quality Policy are shared throughout the whole company year after year as a clear statement of the management commitment and each individual involvement.

Since then, through our Quality Management System (QMS) and the General review with the Management, CCI Eurolam has been able to adapt to the requirements and complexity of the electronics manufacturing industry as well those of highly demanding sectors such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and defense. The QMS ensures that decisions are taken for the benefit of our company and the interested parties (customers, suppliers, partners, regulations ,…).

Over the years, our QMS has driven many strategic decisions and internal improvements, through audits, the setting of KPI and the risk and opportunity assessment, in close relationship with our suppliers. It has resulted in a continuous improvement of our processes, development of many services, reinforced training and skills assessment and strong investment in our IT system which support many essential mechanisms to increase reliability, traceability, controls, communication and efficiency as well as jumping on the digital transformation bandwagon.

This puts our Group in a position today to deliver a high mix of best in class technical products with the best cost and logistics service, and to keep driving technology throughout the supply chain through our sales, marketing and technical team.

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