Copper Invar Copper

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Copper Invar Copper was introduced into the PCB industry to strengthen the printed circuit board and control expansion especially in high temperature environments and with CTE mismatch when bonding dissimilar materials together.

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The invar foil is the core material that is cladded on both sides with a copper foil.
Application areas include special circuits, metal cores and heat sinks.
The composite foil can be provided treated or untreated (uncoated).
To improve the bond and/or peel strength of laminates, by request  we can provide our CIC foils with a single or double-sided Cu treatment or Cu/Zn treatment.

User benefits:
– Superior dimensional stability
– Inherent ground and power plane.
– CTE match with ceramic chip carriers.
– Superior bonds with when treated.
– Standard CIC has a thickness of 6 mils with a ratio of 12.5%/75%/12.5%

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