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Since its first laminate manufacturing plant in 1988 in Shenzhen, the Kingboard Laminates Group (KL) expanded its production of new CCL, including FR4 and CEM1. Vertically, KL expanded into the production of key upstream component materials, including copper foil, glass yarn, glass fabric and epoxy resin. These developments have placed KL in a competitive position by optimizing economies of scale and achieving cost efficiencies. KL currently operates more than 20 manufacturing plants in China.

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FR4 laminates

Product Tg (°C) Description Dk/Df @1GHz Td (℃) T288 (min) Features Downloads Downloads



UV blocking, dicy-cured FR4
(Version C: CTI 600)

≤ 5.4 /
≤ 0.035



Excellent cost performance ratio
Ideal base material for a wide range of applications.
Excellent heat & mechanical resistance (although not rated for LF soldering)



Phenolic-cured, unfilled FR4
(Version F : filled)

≤ 5.4 /
≤ 0.035



Low z-axis Expansion, High Td, Anti-CAF, IPC-4101 B/124 compliant
Excellent heat resistance – suitable for LF soldering

Glass Epoxy laminates

KB-5150 is a CEM1 composite material with an inner core of epoxy/paper and outer plies of epoxy/glass. It offers many of the advantages of glass laminates at a price which is closer to that of paper laminates.
KB-5150 is available either yellow or white with CTIs ranging from 175 to 600.

Product Description Properties Downloads


CEM1 with good electrical/mechanical properties.
UL94 V-0 and IPC-4101E/10 compliant
White version / CTI 300 usually in stock

Suitable for warm punching at 45-70 °C with good hole quality.
Excellent heat resistance, low warpage at high temperature
Not recommended for PTH (because of cellulose core)
Significant reduction in dusting,

Paper Laminates

Kingboard’s KB-2150GC sets the standard for high end paper-base laminate. It is a high strength paper/phenolic grade suitable for warm punching, and combines flame retardancy with the electrical/mechanical properties of a NEMA XX grade.

Product Description Properties Downloads


Paper/phenolic laminate
UL94 V-0  and Halogen-free

Low odour
High CTI over 600 V
Superior heat and humidity resistance with low warp and twist
Suitable for warm punching at 40-70 °C

Black FR4

Black coloured FR4 material
Dimensions: Sheets or cut to size panels

Unclad FR4/EP105/CEM-1

Unclad FR4, EP105, CEM-1 are rigid material providing a good mechanical stability to your test fixure.
Dimensions: Cut to size panels

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