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CCI Eurolam offers a variety of complementary lamination assist materials such a kraft and silicone rubber press pads, PTFE release materials and pressure revealing films.

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Kraft press pad

Description: Kraft ensuring uniform heat rise.
Properties: Weight: 250-350 gr/m2
Sheet sizes: 940×1245 mm; 610×610 mm; 710×710 mm
Panels cut to size and punched available

Rubber press pad

Description: Provide uniform cushioning and precise control over heat rise and long life (up to 150 uses) and faster lay-up.
Put talcum powder before use.
Properties: Cured re-enforced Silicone Red Rubber on both sides. Average pad life: 150 cycles (temperature and time dependant)
Product Operating Temperature: 204°C (300°C)
Thickness: 1.2/2.4/4.5 mm, Width: 1270 mm
Availability: Roll or cut to size

PTFE release film

Description: High temperature application release film. Offers outstanding heat and chemical resistance, high dielectric strength and anti-stick properties.
Dimensions: Roll: Width: 508 mm, Length: 150 m,
Thickness: 25 µm to 150 µm
Availability: Roll or cut to size

Pressure revealing film

Our pressure revealing film is a unique analytical tool.
Description: Provides a quick, easy and accurate in-house procedure for checking for “high” and “low” pressure zones due to (1) press platen misalignments or (2) the design configuration (pads, high density circuitry, ground planes, etc.) of the circuit board itself. Pressures, distributed unevenly, can lead to circuit board manufacturing problems and rejects. It will help the laminator view potential pressure-related laminating problems even before they occur.
Thickness: 38µ (.0015″) or 28µ (.0012″)

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