AGFA DiPaMat Direct Pattering Chemistry



Product Type Application Color Features
DiPaMat Legend Ink Wh04 Rigid PCB High opaque white
  • Inkjet inks for industrial piezo printheads
  • Long shelf life
  • Excellent adhesion to solder masks
  • Certified by all PCB inkjet printer suppliers 
  • Excellent image quality
  • Non toxic, low odor
  • Compliant to ROHS, IPC, MIL, ASTM and UL94
  • High UV cure speed under Mercury bulb and LED
  • Worldwide presence and support
Ye01 Rigid PCB Opaque yellow
Bl01 Rigid PCB High density neutral black
FWh01 Flexible circuits High opaque white
DiPaMat Etch Resist ER01 PCB inner layers
and metal structuring
High contrast blue
  • Reliable jetting in industrial piezo printheads
  • Long shelf life
  • L/S down to 75 microns
  • High UV cure speed under Mercury bulb and LED
  • Excellent adhesion on copper, stainless steel, brass and other materials
  • Can be etched in FeCl3 or CuCl2 up to 45 minutes
  • Fast stripping in alkaline solutions, no solvents needed
  • No changes to current industrial processes
  • Replaces photo tooling film and processing
  • Non toxic, low odor, ROHS compliant, no halogens, no CMR's, no VOC
  • Worldwide presence and support
Solder mask 
ink-jet ink
  • Short cycle time - UV Inkjet + Thermal Cure only
  • Digital process for registration and sterilization
  • Excellent track coverage & cosmetics
  • Exceeds industry requirements for insulation resistance and dielectric strength properties
  • High chemical resistance to ENIG
  • Fully compatible with Lead-Free high temperature processes
  • UL 94 V-0 rated
  • Halogen free, ROHS compliant and fully REACH compliant with no SVHC content