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COVID-19 is an issue of global scale and human impact. Our group has taken safety measures such as strict rules for hygiene, social distancing, cancelling travels and home office to all function whenever possible.
We are operational and committed to supporting our employees, customers, suppliers and those who depend on us as we navigate through the growing complexity stemming from the spread of COVID-19.
We are putting all efforts to secure timely deliveries, but we are depending on worldwide limitations related to transportation and the evolution of the local politics regarding confinement.
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CCI Eurolam and Rogers Corporation are pleased to announce that they have signed a partnership contract for the distribution of all Rogers products from the ACS (High Frequency Laminates) division in order to cover France, Great Britain, Ukraine and Russia effective as of May 1, 2020.

Rogers' Advanced Connectivity Solutions
Rogers' Advanced Connectivity Solutions (ACS) business provides leading advanced circuit material solutions. ACS manufactures high frequency laminates, bondplys and prepregs, engineered to meet stringent performance requirements. With exceptional dielectric constant control, Rogers’ specialty materials are a consistent and reliable choice for applications including 5G wireless communication, automotive radar sensors, aerospace, satellites and more. For more information, visit www.rogers.com


CCI Eurolam Microseminar 2020
Wann:   24.09.2020  
Wo:       Mövenpick Hotel Nürnberg Airport

Unsere jährliche Microseminarreihe wird auch in 2020 fortgesetzt und die Planung für die kommende Veranstaltung läuft bereits auf vollen Touren. In Kürze können wir die Agenda mit allen Details zur Verfügung stellen.

Wir beschäftigen uns in diesem Jahr mit dem Thema:
- Leistungselektronik und deren Anwendungen

Namhafte Referenten aus Industrie und Forschung haben ihr Kommen bereits zugesagt.

Halten Sie sich doch schon heute den 24.09.2020 frei, um dieses Seminar nicht zu versäumen.

Alle weiteren Informationen geben wir rechtzeitig bekannt.

Wir freuen uns darauf, Sie wieder zu diesem Termin zu begrüßen!

Ihr CCI – Team