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Over the years, CCI Eurolam group has invested in specialized new generation equipment, in order to offer a large range of industrial services in our multiple service centers in Europe.

This operation is tailored to answer our customers and market needs, in term of quickturn deliveries and managing small to large volumes.

To manage the high mix of complex materials used in the manufacturing of electronics we have a variety of controlled or specific storage and logistics capabilities.

Besides we are able to cut to size a large range of materials from large sheets to panels from thick or thin CCL to drilling and pressing materials.

We are able to bevel material and make round corners, in order to protect the manufacturing equipment, provide safe handling and to avoid dust in the process.

We have the capability to convert from rolls to panels or smaller rolls a large range of foils, flexible CCL and Prepreg in a cleanroom environment to prevent contamination.

Finally for registration purpose we are able to tool or punch panels according the our customers drawings.