Agfa Idealine silver film


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ultra-short exposure times (µsec) in photoplotters
Red-sensitive: Red neon lasers (633 nm) RPF and OPF are used for high quality work in th ePCB industry, chemical milling and industrial applications with high demands for image quality, scratch resistance and dimensional stability.

Download PDF-Datasheet

Download PDF-Datasheet

Greed-Blue-Sensitive: Green laser diodes (500 - 553 nm) or Blue Argon lasers (488 nm)
Red-sensitive HPF is the replacement of the high resolution films and will be used for high quality work in the PCB industry, chemical milling and for the production of FPD´s with high demands for fine line capabilities.
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UV Negative working film Contact films
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  • Phototooling developer (PDEV and fixer (PFIX)
  • P-D cleaner: cleaning products for developing machine.


  • Sub-mil lines and spaced capabilities
  • Consistent quality and controllable line width
  • Very good dimensional stability
  • excellent line sharpness and line edge straigthness
  • Wide exposure and development latitude aslo gives accurate line width control
  • Stable chemistry and low consumoption
  • High scratch resistance
  • Optimal film transport and vacuum behaviour


DuPont Image Master™ Diazo XT 
Image Master IMD-XT Diazo film is a UV sensitive, positive working diazo film with a micro-matte surface finish. Diazo users rely on IMD-XT for providing excellence in:
  • Scratch resistance reducing handling defects
  • Solvent resistance for longer life
  • Dimensional stability
  • Line edge sharpness for reliable feature definition


Cleaning formulation strips


  • Unique, moisture activated cleaning formulation strips away the "scuzzies" from transport rollers in a single pass without removing the rack and without the use of hazardous chemicals.
  • Simply run them through the processor (development-fixing-wash-dry) as you would with film or use them as film leaders. Insert the sheet with the glossy side down to clean lower rollers. As the sheet exits the processor, turn the glossy side up. Reinsert to clean the upper rollers.

Dimensions: 406 x 610 mm (16 x 24”)
Other sizes are available on request.

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