Copper foils for Multilayer, High-Temperature, Flex and various other applications

CCI Eurolam proposes a variety of copper foils from 9 to 500 µm, from different specialized suppliers:

Furukawa Circuit Foil Taiwan (FCFT)

GTS-MP (12 to 70 µm) foil is superior in mechanical properties - such as high temperature elongation - and is a new type of copper foil which can be used for various products, ranging from multilayer and high density PCB to flexible PCB.

United Copper Foils China

United Copper proposes thick copper - from 105 (3 Oz) to 500 µm (14 Oz) - with a very efficient treatment and different possible profiles: Standard, LP and VLP.


Iljin Korea

Iljin manufactures a non supported copper foil of 9 µm (ref. ICS) that gives good adherence on all laminates including Halogen Free.

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