OhmegaPly® is a thin film Electrodeposited-On-Copper NiP metal alloy (RESISTOR-CONDUCTOR MATERIAL) that is laminated to a dielectric material and subtractively processed to produce planar resistors. Because of its thin film nature, it can be buried within layers without increasing the thickness of the board or occupying any surface space like discrete resistors.


  • Standard subtractive PCB processing
  • Surface or embedded resistors
  • Mature technology (30+ years)
  • Field Proven, Excellent Long Term Reliability
  • Performance Enhancing, Cost Effective Resistor Technology in High Speed/High Density Circuit Designs

Standard Sheet Resistivities: 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 ohms per square
Copper types: Low profile or Modified low profile (depends on the application and substrate)
Standard: 17µm / 457x610mm (18x24”)

Other sizes available on request.


Parallel termination resistor in a BGA package  
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