Copper clad laminates and prepregs

Flexible polyimide laminates, coverlays & adhesives


High performance laminates and prepregs

Microwave and thermally conductive laminates and prepregs

FR2, CEM-1 and FR4


Dry film, PCB & GMF
surface treatment chemistry


Silver film, jettable ink and chemistry

Lamination enhancement products and technologies

High performance entry and backup material

Printed electronics inks 
and thick film pastes 

Copper Aluminium Copper


Copper foils

Solid tungsten carbide drills and routers

 Photoplotters, ink jet printers, direct imager

Resistive foils

Coating measurement equipment

Artwork protection film


Pressing tools, register pins and release agents

Special paper substrate for printing electronics


Contamination control adhesive materialt

Technical cleaning