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PACOTHANE TECHNOLOGIES is the world's leading manufacturer of products to enhance and assist the production and quality assurance process for the lamination and manufacture of PCB.

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product name thickness operating temperature features compression datasheet


1,0mm & 1,39mm

246°C for 6h







1,117 mm


Pressprobe™ Test

PACOPADS™ are a line of press pads specifically engineered to improve the process of laminating rigid multi-layer and flexible Printed Circuit Boards. They serve two primary functions: to accurately control heat input and to equalize the pressure applied to the panel surface.

PACOTHERM™ (also called TRIPAK) is a PACOTHANE®-clad, releasable Press Pad that is specifically engineered to control the variables associated with the lamination processes used in the manufacture of Printed Circuit Boards. TRIPAK’S primary function is to economically deliver consistent, repeatable Heat Rise. The secondary function of this three-layer pad is to equalize applied pressure across the panel surface.

A PRESSPROBE™ TEST provides a quick, simple and accurate in-house procedure for checking for “high” and “low” pressure zones due to (1) press platen misalignments or (2) the design configuration (pads, high density circuitry, ground planes, etc.) of the circuit board itself. Pressures, distributed unevenly, can lead to circuit board manufacturing problems and rejects.

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