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Pacothane Technologies provides its unique expertise in the field of Release Films engineered for Printed Circuit Board Lamination. Pacothane Technologies release product family helps consistently containing resin squeeze out and acts as a buffer to protect the copper surface from induced surface related imperfections during lamination. Release characteristics are quick and easy between multilayers.

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Product name thickness operating temperature features datasheet

Pacothane® 1500

38 µm

up to 204 °C for up to 2 hours

High Performance Release Film


50 µm

in excess of 260 °C

High temperature release film


38 µm

340 °C up to 2 hours

Ultra high temperature release film


88 µm

218 °C up to 4 hours

Blind Via Hole Lamination System


280 µm

218 °C up to 2 hours

decouples the outer-layer etched core and achieve “clutch” effect

High Performance Release Film
Provides quick and easy release between multilayers
Protects copper from pits and dents caused by defective plates and air-born contaminants
Low shrinkage

High Temperature Release Film provides excellent, contamination-free release during the process of laminating rigid Polyimide PCBs, all flexible circuit boards, Teflon and other demanding applications

Ultra-High Temperature Easy Release Film offers the consistent attainment of proper release, surface protection and conformability under the harsh conditions and challenges of elevated temperature laminations. Extremely low X&Y Axis shrinkage.

THERMOFILM™ is a two-sided Release Film engineered for Ultra High Temperature PCB laminations requiring an easy clean release after elevated temperature lamination cycles. Designed to eliminate using inexpertly designed lamination layups, THERMOFILM™, when used with THERMOPADS™ provides the “PACOTHANE®” standard of specific application based attributes. THERMOFILM™ offers the consistent attainment of proper release, surface protection and conformability under the harsh conditions and challenges of elevated temperature laminations.

THERMOFILM™ High Temperature Release Film is offered in one thickness of 1.5 mils. (38µm). All PACOTHANE® Release Films are manufactured in accordance to our quality standards which guarantees unparalleled performance. All manufacturing and fabrication operations are performed in house offering total supplier control and accountability.

PACO•VIA™ 3500 is a two-sided release film designed to be part of a Two-Component System (PACO•VIA™ 3500 and PACOPADS™) as a performance-driven line of High-Temperature, Resin-Blocking Release Films. The PACO•VIA™ System is specifically engineered to enhance sequential lamination of Buried and Blind Via designed rigid printed Circuit Boards. PACO•VIA™ 3500 allows the user to select an alternative release film that may be better suited for less robust post lamination cleaning processes.

  • Resin Containment: contains the resin within the via barrel eliminating the need for secondary processing to remove cured resin from the panel surface
  • Barrel Fill: allows the liquid resin to essentially fill the via Barrel
  • Contain Resin Squeeze-out: contains resin squeeze-out like traditional release films while offering superior copper surface buffering from damaged Separator Plates
  • Equalization of Pressure throughout the Pressure Load: The PACOPADS™ component of the PACO•VIA™ System ensures complete barrel fill, and controlled Dielectric Thickness. PACOPADS™ eliminate air voids, inner-layer slippage and white corners or edges. PACOPADS™ also reduce image and glass cloth Transfer, and alleviate the potential of low-pressure prepreg Blisters.

PACO•CLUTCH™ is a two-side releasable film, engineered specifically for use by PCB Multilayer manufacturers that laminate etched copper laminate cores, in place of copper foil. In the outer layer lamination process, this state-of-the-art product performs a dual purpose in the production of Cap Layer constructions:

First, PACO•CLUTCH™ decouples the outer-layer etched core from the separator plate during PCB lamination at temperatures up to 425°F (218°C) for up to 2 hours
Simultaneously, PACO•CLUTCH™ doubles to effectively achieve the required “Clutch Effect” that is attributable to the degree of conformability designed into this .011″ (279µ) thick product.

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