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Conformable Release Sheet
PACOPLUS is a Conformable Release literature that brings reliability and consistency to the process of conforming Coverlays and producing Rigid Flex. Used in conjunction with PACOPADS, the "PACOPLUS SYSTEM" replaces all other pad make-up materials now used in the Flex lamination process. It will help to solve issues like Entrapped Air, Internal Mis-Registration (Flex Multilayer), and adhesive bleed into open areas. PACOPLUS 4000: thickness 300 µ, operating temperature: 204°C
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Conformable Release Film
PACOFLEX is an adhesive & resin blocking, Conformable Release Film. It is specifically engineered for the Lamination of Cover-Layers to Flexible Printed Circuit Boards. PACOFLEX contains no silicone or other additives that transfer to the Cover-Layer surface. PACOFLEX 5000: thickness 156 µ, operating temperature: 216°C.
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