Press pads


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Pressure / Temperature Diffusers
PACOPADS are a line of press pads specifically engineered to enhance the process of laminating rigid multilayer and flexible PCBs. Their unique function is to provide complete control over those critical aspects of the lamination process that are inherently press related Diffusers. It will help to reduce following issues: Internal Mis-Registration; Localized Resin Starvation; Thickness Variation Voiding In Low Pressure Areas; Image/Glass Cloth Texture. PACOPADS 5500: thickness 1,39mm, operating temperature 246°C for 6 hours. (other thicknesses available on request).
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Multi-Use Heat Lag Pad: Multi-Use Pad
PACOTHERM is a patented, releasable and Reusable 3-ply Press Pad that is specifically engineered to control the press variables associated with PCB lamination. Combination of Press Pad and Release Film facilitates automated book lay-up and break-down, while reusability makes PACOTHERM a cost-effective solution. PACOTHERM 5500: thickness 1,39mm, operating temperature: 204°C. (other thicknesses available on request).
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Pressure Testing Kit
PRESSPROBE is a unique Analytical Tool for viewing the effect of pressure within a press. It is used to graphically demonstrate, in color, the amount and distribution of pressure across the panel surface and to confirm pressure equalization benefits of PACOPADS. Available in pressure ranges from 0,2 to 50 Mpa.
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